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The TESSEK SEPARON SGX sorbents are based on a totally porous, spherical silica. The sorbent is prepared by an original technology, ensuring high batch-to-batch reproducibility. It features high sorption capacity, good mechanical strength, enhanced chemical stability and a wide pore size distribution. The average pore diameter is around 8 nm (special macroporous sorbents for size exclusion chromatography have pore diameter 20, 50 and 100 nm respectively), the average surface area 500 m2/g and the pore volume 1 ml/g. The modified sorbents are stable in acidic and neutral medium. The SEPARON SGX sorbents are available in various particle sizes ranging from 3 to 60 µm and various modifications suitable for normal, reverse phase and ion chromatography respectively.

The TESSEK SEPARON HEMA sorbents are based on a rigid macroporous and hydrophilic polymer matrix. With an unique combination of stability (mechanical, chemical and biological), perfectly spherical shape of particles, macroporous structure and hydrophilic nature, SEPARON HEMA meets the requirements for a versatile chromatographic sorbent. HEMA sorbents are available in various particle sizes ranging from 7 to 60 µm and with exclusion limits ranging from 40 to 2000 kDa. The HEMA-S matrix modification enhances the rigidity of the sorbent, while the HEMA-BIO matrix modification yields a highly hydrophilic sorbent. Further modifications yield sorbents suitable for ion chromatography or reversed phase chromatography. Matrices with activated supports (e.g. containing epoxy or vinylsulpho groups) for additional "custom made" modifications are also available.

HPLC Columns

Stainless steel columns, plastic (PEEK) columns, titanium columns and compact glass cartridges of original construction are packed with these sorbents. Plastic cartridges made from medical grade PP are packed with macroparticulate sorbents for solid phase extraction (SPE). Titanium columns posses high biochemical inertness similar to that of PEEK columns; in addition they exhibit high mechanical strength and withstand high pressure.


Columns both from TESSEK own production and supplied by other producers are repacked on request.
High performance classification with narrow range of particle size distribution.


DORCUS - Vacuum Manifold of new generation for SPE separations.
APION - Dry Mineralizer for sample pretreatment before HPLC and AAS.

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