Stainless Steel Analytical and Semipreparative HPLC Columns

TESSEK stainless steel hplc columns packed with TESSEK Separon HEMA hydroxyethyl methacrylate and TESSEK Separon SGX silica sorbents for analytical and semi-preparative purposes. The modern design of hplc columns ensures low dead volumes and compatibility of the hplc columns with principally all types of chromatographic instruments. The exchangeable coupling fittings enable coupling with 1.5 mm or 1/16" OD capillaries. Either M5 or UNF 10-32 male thread bushings can be used. The hplc columns are delivered single-packed with an individual test report and equipped with the UNF 10-32 coupling fittings. (When ordering M5 coupling fittings, please specify this in your order).

The 4 mm ID x 250 mm column format is still the most commonly used for analytical purposes. The 8 mm ID x 250 mm columns are especially suited for semi-preparative separations and size exclusion chromatography. The 8 mm ID x 80 mm column format is well suited for work with polymer based sorbents for analytical and semipreparative purposes with gradient elution.

Inert Titanium Analytical and Semipreparative HPLC Columns

In spacial cases, the commonly use stainless steel is not inert enough. When aggresive solvents are used or metal sensitive proteins are to be separated, inert materials must be used thorough all the chromatographic systems. The Titanium Zirconium alloy offers high inertnes combined with high mechanical strength. The 8x250 mm columns are well suited for semipreparative and size exclusion separations, while the 8x80 mm format is ideal for gradient elutions. All column parts are machined from titanium-zirconium alloy. Ceramic paper, PTFE sieves and PTFE sealing rings are used to support the sorbent. The column material is resistant to most eluents including halide or low pH organic acids containing solvents. It may be attacked by hydrogenfluoric acid.

Inert PEEK Analytical and Semipreparative HPLC Columns

All column parts are metal-free and made of PEEK (poly-ether-ether-ketone). The column will stand max 90 bar continuously and is excellently suited for all common HPLC and LC solvents. However, use of concentrated nitric and sulfuric acids, tetrahydrofuran and dimethylsulfoxide is not recommended. The column dimensions include 4.6 ID times 30, 50, 100, 150 and 250 mm lengths, as well as 7.5 ID times 50, 75, 250 and 300 mm lengths.

Compact Glass Cartridge System

The TESSEK-patented design of compact glass cartridge offers the unique combination of a low-cost and high-performance HPLC column. The CGC columns exhibit high pressure resistance (up to 30 MPa), total inertness, chemical resistance, high efficiency and, due to the smaller diameter, increased sensitivity. Moreover, any damage to the column bed is instantly visible. The columns are closed with fine mesh stainless steel sieves (silica based sorbents) or by inert teflon-ceramic paper combination (HEMA sorbents)

Three types of CGC cartridges packed with TESSEK Separon SGX and HEMA sorbents are currently available:

Microbore columns (0.5-2mm ID) offer greater mass sensitivity and low solvent consumption in comparison to standard analytical columns. They are indispensable when the sample size is limited or when expensive, rare or highly hazardous solvents are used. Best results are obtained with specially constructed micro chromatographs. However, standard equipment can be used if low volume injectors and detector cells (below 1 µl) are used and dead volumes are eliminated. The pump must be capable to deliver solvent at flow rates from 10 µl/min.

Two types of CGC microbore columns packed with TESSEK Separon SGX sorbents are currently available:

CGC Column Holders

For operating the CGC cartridges, an appropriate column holder must be used. TESSEK offers new column holder sets, completely machined from stainless steel. For coupling to the instrument, the 1.5 mm or 1/16" OD capillaries can be used. These sets are supplied in two variants:

The following sets are available:

These sets allows the operation of a single CGC column of specified length. Each of those sets contains one holder body, two screw caps and two coupling fittings.

These sets are intended for the operation of coupled CGC columns, especially for CGC 3x30 guard column coupling. They can also be used for the operation of a single column. In combination with an other column holder body they can serve for the operation of any combination of CGC columns. Each of these sets contains two holder bodies of specified lengths, two screw caps, two column fittings, one column coupling union and one holder body connector.

For the coupling of CGC 1x150 micro-columns special narrow bore coupling unions are recommended. The connecting capillaries should be of 0.1 or 0.2 mm ID and as short as possible.

CGC Column Holder Cat. No.
CGC column holder 30 mm M5 900 001011
CGC column holder 30 mm UNF 900 001021
CGC column holder 70 mm M5 900 001013
CGC column holder 70 mm UNF 900 001023
CGC column holder 150 mm M5 900 001017
CGC column holder 150 mm UNF 900 001027
CGC column holder 70+30 mm M5 900 001015
CGC column holder 70+30 mm UNF 900 001025
CGC column holder 150+30 mm M5 900 001019
CGC column holder 150+30 mm UNF 900 001029

Stainless Steel Preparative Columns

Besides analytical applications, HPLC chromatography is an indispensable tool also for preparation of small quantities of purified compounds. For laboratory scale purifications, TESSEK offers preparative columns, enabling to purify tenth to hundreds milligrams of compounds in one run. The columns are manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel, which guarantees an excellent chemical inertness and corrosion stability. The columns are available packed with whole range of TESSEK Separon SGX or TESSEK Separon HEMA sorbents. In 25x250 mm format, fixed or hand tight endfitings are available. In the 46x300 mm format, only hand tight fittings are available. Other column lengths can be prepared on request.

Plastic Cartridges

The SILICA-cart and HEMA-cart system is specially designed to optimize sample preparation and storage. The cartridge works by extracting certain classes of compounds from injected samples while allowing others to pass through. The system can be used to concentrate trace components from environmental and biological samples. It is ideal for the preparation of samples for analysis by HPLC, GC, TLC, RIA and other methods. The cartridge is terminated with a male and female standard syringe cone (Luer) and can be used with a syringe, a peristaltic pump or a suitable vacuum-operated manifold. The maximum operating pressure is 0.3 MPa; the suction mode operation is recommended. The cartridges are supplied with tight caps to ensure long-term sample storage.

The SILICA-cart system consists of a prepacked 1 ml polypropylene cartridge (medical grade Tatren PD 140) packed with 60 µm spherical silica TESSEK Separon SGX sorbents.

The HEMA-cart system consists of a pre-packed 1 ml polypropylene cartridge (medical grade Tatren PD 140) packed with 60 µm TESSEK Separon HEMA-BIO 1000 modified sorbents.

ProductColour Code Cat. No.
SILICA-cart SGXyellow-yellow 421 310003
SILICA-cart C18orange-orange 421 310013
SILICA-cart CNyellow-orange 421 310023
SILICA-cart NH2yellow-brown 421 310033
SILICA-cart RPSorange-black 421 310043
SILICA-cart C8yellow-black 421 310083
SILICA-cart CXgreen-orange 421 310053
SILICA-cart AXblue-orange 421 310063
SILICA-cart Phenyl orange-grey421 310073
HEMA-cart DEAEblue-blue 421 172043
HEMA-cart CMgreen-green 421 172053
HEMA-cart Qblue-black 421 172093
HEMA-cart SBgreen-black 421 172133
HEMA-cart Egrey-grey 421 172013
HEMA-cart E-Lblack-black 421 172023
HEMA-cart E-Hblack-red 421 172083
HEMA-cart VS-Lgrey-red 421 172113
HEMA-cart VSblack-grey 421 172123
HEMA-cart C18yellow-black 421 170153
HEMA-cart rProtAlabeled 421 172983

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