Silica based sorbents are still the most used packing materials in liquid chromatography today. They offer excellent efficiency and mechanical stability. Their limitations are in lower chemical stability, especially at higher pH and in remaining silanol groups activity in modified materials, resulting in non ideal behaviour of basic solutes.

TESSEK Separon SGX sorbents are based on a totally porous, spherical silica. The sorbent is prepared by original technology, ensuring high batch to batch reproducibility. It features high sorption capacity, good mechanical strength and chemical stability, wide pore size distribution. The average pore diameter is around 8 nm, the average surface area 500 m2 and the pore volume 1.0 ml/g. Standard particle sizes are 5, 7, 10 and 60 µm, others are available for specific purposes.

Normal Phase Chromatography

TESSEK Separon SGX - unmodified silica for adsorption chromatography of low molecular weight solutes in a normal phase mode. Typical applications include separation of aromatic and polyaromatic hydrocarbons, lipids, steroids, fat soluble vitamins, glycoside derivatives, drugs and pharmaceuticals.

TESSEK Separon SGX CN and SGX NH2 - are two medium polar-bonded phases for separation of low molecular weight solutes in normal and reversed phase mode. The bonded phases offer higher reproducibility of retention volumes and shorter equilibration times compared to unmodified silica. The TESSEK Separon SGX CN contains cyanoethyl groups and TESSEK Separon SGX NH2 bonded aminopropyl groups. Typical applications include separations of aromatic hydrocarbons and their derivatives, pesticides, organophosphates, fat soluble vitamins, drugs and pharmaceuticals. The TESSEK Separon SGX NH2 is suited for separation of mono and di-saccharides in acetonitrile-water eluents also.

Reversed Phase Chromatography

TESSEK Separon SGX C8, SGX C18, SGX RPS, SGX Phenyl - are reversed phase sorbents differing in functionality and carbon loading. TESSEK Separon SGX C18 is octadecyl modified, the most commonly used sorbent with widest range of applications including pesticides, amino acid derivatives, peptides, catecholamines, drugs, pharmaceuticals, steroids, antibiotics, organic acids, nucleotides and many others. TESSEK Separon SGX RPS is octadecyl modified with very high carbon content. It offers higher retention in comparison to SGX C18 and is especially suited for ion pair chromatography and separation of oligosaccharides and other polar compounds in highly aqueous eluents. Due to its polymeric character it offers good selectivity for polyaromatic hydrocarbons. TESSEK Separon SGX C8 is an octyl modified sorbent, which offers lower retention and changed selectivity, advantageous for separation of catecholamines, peptides and some pharmaceuticals. TESSEK Separon SGX Phenyl with bonded phenyl groups offers lower retention and changed selectivity useful for polycondensed aromatic hydrocarbons, polar aromatic compounds and unsaturated fatty acids. For separation of basic compounds the use of mobile phase modifiers (e.g. triethylamine) or low pH eluents is recommended.

Ion Exchange Chromatography

TESSEK Separon SGX CX is a strongly acidic cation exchanger with a benzenesulfonic acid functional group and TESSEK Separon SGX AX is a strongly basic anion exchanger with aliphatic quaternary amine functional group, suited for ion exchange chromatography of ionic compounds both in aqueous and organic eluents.

Macroporous Silica Sorbents

Based on the TESSEK Separon SGX, those sorbents are prepared by special treatment to provide material with large pores possessing a narrow pore size distribution.

TESSEK Separon SGX 200 - is prepared by hydrothermal treatment and is intended for size exclusion chromatography of organic solvent soluble polymers in the molecular weight range 1 - 100 kDa.

TESSEK Separon SGX 500 and 1000 are two macroporous silicas for size exclusion chromatography of organic solvent soluble polymers in the molecular weight ranges 10 - 1 000 kDa and 50 - 3 000 kDa respectively.

Ordering Information and Specifications

SorbentPore size Pore volumeSurface area
SGX8 nm 1.0 ml/g500 m2/g
SGX 20020 nm 0.8 ml/g 300 m2/g
SGX 50050 nm 0.4 ml/g150 m2/g
SGX 1000100 nm 0.4 ml/g120 m2/g

Rem.: Based on mercury porosimetry

Sorbent Functional Group

Bulk Sorbents TESSEK Separon SGX are available in 10 g, 100 g and bulk quantities.

Sorbent/Particle size 5 µm 7 µm10 µm 60 µm
SGX300003 300004300005 310003
SGX C18300013 300014300015 310013
SGX CN300023 300024300025 310023
SGX NH2 300033300034 300035310033
SGX RPS300043 300044300045 310043
SGX CX300053 300054300055 310053
SGX AX300063 300064300065 310063
SGX Phenyl300073 300074300075 310073
SGX C8300083 300084300085 310083
SGX 200320003 320004320005 -
SGX 500340003 340004340005 -
SGX 1000360003 360004360005 -

The sorbents in 60 µm particle size are available also in SILICA-cart cartridges for solid phase extraction. When ordering, use Cat.No. 421. for cartridges plus Cat. No. of sorbent packed.

Packed Columns

When ordering packed columns, use first three digit Cat. No. to indicate the type of column plus Cat. No. of sorbent used.

Stainless steel columns are available in two diameters and different lengths. 4 mm ID columns are available packed with all SGX sorbents in 5, 7, and 10 µm particle size, 8 mm ID columns preferrably with 7 µm particle size.

Titanium zirconium columns are available in 8 mm diameter and different lengths. They are available packed with all SGX sorbents in 7 µm particle size.

Cat.No.Steel column Cat.No.Ti-Zr column
1018x250 mm 201 8x250 mm
1098x80 mm 209 8x80 mm
1414x250 mm --
1494x100 mm --
1514x50 mm --

CGC columns 3.3 mm ID are available packed with all sorbents in 5, 7, and 10 µm particle size, CGC microcolumns 1 mm I.D. with 5 µm particle size only.

Cat.No.CGC Column Cat.No.CGC Microcolumn
9013x150 mm 941 1x150 mm
9093x70 mm 951 1x30 mm
9113x30 mm --

Preparative columns with 25 or 46 mm internal diameter are available on request.

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